About me

Andraz Krpic

Andraz Krpic

I started kayaking at the age of 5 in a local kayak club in Ljubljana and ever since my life has revolved around kayak. I was an enthusiastic slalom paddler until I decided to quit competing in slalom at the age of 17. At that time I knew only little about freestyle or extreme disciplines of kayaking so after a while, I couldn’t find a good enough motivation to continue kayaking. That was until one day, at the age of 19, I drove over the Tacen Bridge and saw my buddies Luka Štricelj and Janez Čižman doing flat water loops, which I didn’t know were possible before. Astonished by the new move, I bought my first freestyle kayak in a matter of days and haven’t stopped kayaking since.


I have spent the last few years following the summer and a range of whitewater industry jobs around the world. I spend the biggest part of the year on the west coast of BC – Squamish in particular. It is hard to beat the fact that Squamish and surrounding areas never run out of water during summers.

This blog is written mostly in English due to interests of my kayak sponsors. Please check them out to support me. I hope you enjoy my writing and pictures. Andraž Krpič


One Response to About me

  1. Stefan says:

    Hi Andraž!
    I am a fly fisherman and we met on Wednesday at the Soca. You took some fotos of me and it would be really nice, if you could send me some! Thank you very much!
    Have a nice day and good runs! Regards, Stefan

    PS: Some of the fotos in your blog are really awesome!

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